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"Holy crap sugar gliders are cute!"

Leaves: Sage, Sedum, Lemon Balm, Vietnamese Mint, Aeonium, Black Prince Chili, Geranium, Nasturtium, Purple Cabbage, Lavender, Black Kale, Kalanchoe, Golden Oregano, Fuschia, Thyme, Maidenhair, Oregano, American Ivy, Rose Geranium, Pineapple Sage
Flowers: Geranium, Celosia, Marigold, Lobelia, Ice Plant, Begonia, Cornflower, Salvia, Strawberry, Chili, Lemon BalmFruit: Black Prince Chili


Claire Boucher’s art

her art looks like her music sounds


This week I made an animated chart of butterflies! These are all butterflies that you can find throughout North America, and I picked the 42 that I thought were the most colorful and unique. 

You can check out the full sized GIF here or pick up a poster for your room here :)

(via acrylicum)


Khaleesi & Jon Snow 

(via acrylicum)


Clover seed growing in a keyboard
Photo credit: Brian Cerveny